Antifa And The SPLC Successfully Shut Down Four Anti-Islam Conferences

As we previously reported here the Left is being emboldened by the likes of Soros and the SPLC once again. This time they have the Soros funded ANTIFA threating violence.

“Who shut us down folks? The Islamo-Marxist-Fascist oppressors in this nation, the same groups that we’ve been traveling around this nation warning you about…. How did that happen? It started with CAIR… the front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. Then they’ve joined with the Southern Poverty Law Center… Then they got Antifa involved… and we know their M.O. – they’re domestic terrorists… If you think we are living in a free nation any more… that this is the land of the free and home of the brave, we better wake up soon. Religious liberty, the right of assembly, the right of our speech, is gone. This is the M.O. now. This is the tactic they are using to shut us down.”

You can not make this stuff up. WAKE UP AMERICA! Join the movement to expose these groups for what they are; Fronts for the global jihad and progressive left,  hell bent on destroying the American values we cherish.

Source: Antifa And The SPLC Successfully Shut Down Four Anti-Islam Conferences Via @dailycaller

Muslim World League urges EU to assimilate Muslim migrants better and criminalize criticism of Islam

Talk about the “Fox guarding the Hen House”. Here we have the Muslim World League (MWL), perpetrators of Wahhabism, telling the European Union(EU) how to act. This is why we strive to inform you of this insanity. Our world is becoming dominated and infected by these inconsistencies.  Why in the world would we believe the likes of a taqiyya laced statement?  In the West we have a Constitution that allows us to say most of which we like to say.  We can not for instance yell “Fire” in a movie theater when there is no fire.  We can and will continue to call out the propagation of Islam on the West.  It has to stop here.

Secretary-General of the Muslim World League Mohammed al-Issa speaks during an interview with Reuters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia April 9, 2018. Picture taken April 9, 2018. REUTERS/Nael Shyoukhi

Source: Muslim World League urges EU to assimilate Muslim migrants better and criminalize criticism of Islam

SPLC’s War on Ex-FBI Agent John Guandolo

Yes indeed, whenever you “speak the truth” you are branded some kind of “phobic”. Understanding The Threat (UTT) always pulls back the curtain on the muslim brotherhood and all their allies. The tactics of the muslim brotherhood and CAIR are supported by the Southern Policy Law Center (SPLC). This blatant support of “creeping sharia” and terorism has to be confronted by us. Your support is welcomed.

Democratic Dementia: Americans “Mistreat” Muslims More than Muslims Mistreat Christians? 

Again, we have the liberal controlled media distorting the facts as they inject their personal beliefs into the control of the so called media outlets. More and more of our society, especially the younger generation, schooled by the same biased professors that spew the liberal lefty agenda, are blaming the West for the demise of the Muslim. When all they need to do is examine what happened in recent time, the genocide of Aramaic Christians, Coptic Christians and the Armenians. This Muslim attacking of the so called non-believers is the root cause of the worldwide persecution of ALL cultures. We must continue to educate those of modern times of the ways of old.

PJ Media A February Rasmussen report sheds light on just how divorced from reality millions of American liberal voters are. After pointing out that “Democrats are more likely to think Muslims are mistreated in America than to think Christians are persecuted in the Islamic world,” the report elaborates: Fifty-six percent (56%) of Democrats, however, believe most Muslims […]

Source: Democratic Dementia: Americans “Mistreat” Muslims More than Muslims Mistreat Christians? – Raymond Ibrahim

YouTube Secretly Using SPLC To Police Videos

As if we haven’t had enough of the spying and name calling that the “liberal left” uses, now we have the likes of the SPLC being used to censor our postings. With the development of “AI” and its incorporation with the internet we are now being assaulted by technology.  These “lefties” are using any all blocks they can conjure to silence the voice of Liberty and Freedom.

Join OUR FIGHT to defeat them. Use social media that is not censored, Restore the USA.

The Washington Examiner’s Emily Jashinsky noted last year that “the SPLC’s claim to objectivity is nothing less than fraudulent, a reality that informed observers of its practices from both the Left and Right accept.”

“The routine of debunking their supposedly objective classifications occurs like clockwork each time a major outlet makes the mistake of turning to them when reporting on the many conservative thinkers and nonprofits the group absurdly designates as hateful.”

The SPLC has faced tough criticisms not just from conservatives but from the mainstream press as well.

“At a time when the line between ‘hate group’ and mainstream politics is getting thinner and the need for productive civil discourse is growing more serious, fanning liberal fears, while a great opportunity for the SPLC, might be a problem for the nation,” Politico Magazine’s Ben Schreckinger wrote last year.

Bloomberg columnist Megan McArdle similarly noted last year that the SPLC commonly lumps in principled conservatives alongside actual racists and extremists and warned of the possibility that tech companies could rely on the SPLC’s misleading definitions.

“Given the increasing tendency of powerful tech companies to flex their muscle against hate groups,” she wrote, “we may see more and more institutions unwittingly turned into critics or censors, not just of Nazi propaganda, but also of fairly mainstream ideas.”

‘A problem for the nation’

Source: EXCLUSIVE: YouTube Secretly Using SPLC To Police Videos Via @dailycaller

US Congress: Going After Patriots Again

Here we go again. Our government is wasting our money creating bills that go fter “Domestic Bogeymen”. Instead of addressing the real threats of the Progressive movement these Democrats, mostly left wingers, are using our friends at the SPLC to justify their bill. Named “Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018”, this bill’s findings are centered on on the basis of

  • White supremacists and other right-wing extremists are the most significant domestic terrorism threat facing the United States
  • An unclassified May 2017 joint intelligence bulletin from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security found that “white supremacist extremism poses [a] persistent threat of lethal violence,” and that White supremacists “were responsible for 49 homicides in 26 attacks from 2000 to 2016 … more than any other domestic extremist movement”.
We know that “unclassified report is the SPLC and they even refer to them later in the bill.  There is no mention of ANTIFA or other Left Wing agents of the Progressive movement.

An ominous new bill is targeting millions of peaceful Americans who identify with being a patriot by lumping them in with extremely rare violent hate groups.

Source: Activistpost

Mom Says NJ School Assignment Recruited for Islam

Here is another glaring example of the infestation of Islam into our school curriculum. Our enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood and Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) have done a great job of indoctrinating the educators to include the teachings and tenets of Islam.  As you can read and even see by the still above, this is more than teaching about, it is the “teaching of”.  The children have no clue but are introduced and seduced by these “false representations” of the so called peaceful religion.

We of the West must understand the threat of this “Creeping Sharia”.  Someday these children will be our legislators and will remember these teachings and determine that it is acceptable and in turn constitute Sharia.

Outraged that her middle schooler’s geography class watched videos about Islam, a New Jersey mom accused the district in a federal complaint Tuesday of trying to indoctrinate students.

Source: Mom Says NJ School Assignment Recruited for Islam

DACA Key Facts & Talking Points

  • GOP suicide pact: DACA amnesty could flip 4 critical GOP states.
  • Amnesty = 5 million New Americans: GOP plan is not amnesty, but would make future amnesty more likely. Democrats will push for it nonstop.
  • DACA Amnesty will cost $26 billion: Advocates claim DACA employees with boost IRS tax revenues. This is false.
  • Families WILL NOT be separated: Pro-amnesty groups whine that if DACA “kids” don’t get amnesty, the DACA families will be ripped apart. How so? Illegal alien parents and children are all here now. Parents need to take their kids home. If the “kids” came here alone, sending them back will reunite them with their families! So no one is being ripped from their family!
  • Illegal aliens take American jobs. Amnesty just makes it legal – rewarding both aliens and businesses that hire them.
  • Illegal border crossings skyrocket: Illegal border crossings plummeted to historic lows early in President Trump’s first year as shown in the chart below. Now they are up again, based on the perception that Trump is softening on border control.

Geert Wilders: Pew Confirms, Time To Stop Muslim Migration

As we have been reporting, Western Culture is being fundamentally changed by the powerful, world elites. The time is today that we must awaken and respond to this hijra that is overflowing Our borders and culture.  Not because of the threat of  terror that exists, but because of the reality that we are losing our sovereignty by accepting people who do not desire nor consider assimilating.


We must stop the millions wanting to come to the ‘house of Europe’, because this house is our house.If we leave the door open, we will soon be driven out of it. We will lose our identity and our freedom. Our existence is at stake. We must safeguard it. This can only be done if we have to courage to adopt a new strategy. As Winston Churchill said: “Courage is the greatest virtue because it guarantees all the rest.”Instead of acting as a magnet to young Africans and Asians, Europe has to have the courage

Source: Geert Wilders: Pew Research study on Muslim migration confirms it is “time to get tough”

Why Doesn’t Trump Close Down Soros? Are You Ready for The Answer?

George Soros invested $160 million in Donald Trump’s Chicago skyscraper in 2004.  ​I​n 2009, he spent Christmas Eve at a private party with Soros.  In 2011, when Trump was challenged by Tea Party activists on his close ​relationship to Soros, he responded: “Forget Soros. Leave him alone. Let’s talk about somebody else.” As President, Trump has filled his cabinet with Soros’ friends and financial partners.  [Could this be the answer?] –GEG​

Source: Why Doesn’t Trump Close Down Soros? Are You Ready for The Answer?

Soros-linked NGO demands EU accept 540,000 migrants from “poor countries”

European Union (EU) nations should take more than half a million refugees currently living in third world camps, according to an open borders NGO with close links to globalist billionaire George Soros.

The Hijra initiatives funded by Soros continue to further the Islamization of the West and the social instability that accompanies it. Chaos and disorder continue to become more common, along with the disintegration of European culture and its understanding of human rights for all. Unfortunately, the call to the EU to accept even more Muslim migrants is part of a larger global, far-left, fascist agenda in which Soros’ Open Society Foundation — a philanthropy giant — promotes America as “institutionally an oppressive nation.” Too few understand how this organization’s goals will personally affect the freedom of all citizens.

The Open Society Foundation:

  • promotes exclusively “leftist” (Democratic) political candidates, world views;
  • has infiltrated Churches and religious institutions/congregations, the legal system, the arts, think tanks;
  • supports “organizations that promote open borders, mass immigration, a watering down of current immigration laws, increased rights and benefits for illegal aliens, and ultimately amnesty”;
  • supports “organizations that oppose virtually all post-9/11 national-security measures enacted by the U.S. government, particularly the Patriot Act” and depicts American military actions as unjust, unwarranted, and immoral.”

Source: Breitbart London

Hungary: Governments Should Be ‘Dedicated to Christian Values’ that Made Europe Great

The same European values that stopped the Ottoman Empire, islamic caliphate, from overtaking Europe in 1571. On October 7th, 1571, a fleet of ships assembled by a coalition of Christian nations fought an intense battle against the forces of the invading Ottoman Empire. The unexpected victory of the so-called “Holy League” radically curbed efforts by the Ottoman Turks to control the Mediterranean, “causing a seismic shift in international relations from East to West.”  This was the Battle of Lepanto.  Pope Pius V (later Saint Pius V) interpreted the event as the movement of Providence in favor of the Church and European civilization.

Speaking at a celebratory event marking the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the conservative Fidesz party leader said that it was a duty of his government to protect “the ways of life that have their roots in Christianity”, including human dignity, the family, the nation, and faith communities, adding that Christian Europe needs a spiritual and intellectual renewal.

Source: Hungary: Governments Should Be ‘Dedicated to Christian Values’ that Made Europe Great – Breitbart

Judicial Watch Has Filed Lawsuits Against the Trump Administration to Force the President to Get Rid of His Corrupt Appointees

Not sure how this works. It seems that Mueller is attempting to set up his own Justice Department. Harassing the adminstration for documents and other items regarding their actions. Lot’s of good stuff here.

Trump’s appointees and their agencies are defending and protecting those who are guilty of extreme corruption during the Obama Administration.

Source: Judicial Watch Has Filed Dozens of Freedom of Information Lawsuits Against the Trump Administration

Hungarian Prime Minister: George Soros is a “Public Enemy” 

Why is it that European Leaders know of the foulness of Soros, yet our leaders do nothing?? The reason “evil” can exist is because of the lack of action on our part. We are at the turning point of our culture. We either standby and do nothing or we take some counter action to combat the evil. Remember this, “Evil begets Evil”. Just look at the crowd mentality of the antifa and the likes. Do you really believe these people would act this way by themselves. Of course not, they become empowered by the thrill of the evil. We must not let the likes of Soros or Potok determine the nature of our culture. These are evil people that must be stopped.

Source: Hungarian Prime Minister: George Soros is a “Public Enemy” – Freedom Outpost